Working to make Michigan a Top 10 state.

Business Leaders for Michigan, the state’s business roundtable, is dedicated to making Michigan a Top 10 state for jobs, education, widely shared prosperity and a healthy economy. Our work is concentrated on developing strategy, raising awareness, advocating policy and championing initiatives that grow the state’s economy.

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Our Priorities

Compete to Win: Michigan’s Path to Top 10

Compete to Win: Michigan’s Path to Top 10 is a comprehensive plan to ensure Michigan becomes a Top 10 state for jobs, education, widely shared prosperity, and a healthy economy. The overall strategy can be broken down into these four key priority areas:

Do Better By
Our Kids

Invest in

Our Economy

Get the
Fundamentals Right

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Holistic Economic Development

Michigan’s economic development framework aims to make the state a leader in income, population growth, and business climate by strengthening fundamentals and implementing consistent strategies.

Featured News and Reports

At Business Leaders for Michigan, we pride ourselves on developing strategies that are research-driven and fact-based. Our proposals and strategies are grounded in Michigan’s ongoing economic realities and aimed at bringing new vitality and competitiveness to our state.

Our Members

We bring the executive leaders of Michigan together to make our state great.

Our members drive 40 percent of the state’s economy, generate over $1 trillion in annual revenue and serve more than half of all Michigan public university students.