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2019 Goal: Finding Common Ground

2019 Goal: Finding Common Ground
Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019

2018 was a great year for Michigan, as we hit record lows in our unemployment rate, our population ticked up slightly and construction began on the Gordie Howe International
Bridge Project.

With a new year comes endless possibilities for change. We have a new governor and new leadership in the state House and Senate. Washington still presents some challenges,
but I anticipate close collaboration with our pragmatic leaders in Lansing.

Our 2019 to-do list for policymakers isn’t long, but it is critical:

1. Continue to follow the sound fiscal management practices adopted during the past eight years.
2. Support specific actions to reduce the state’s long-term debt.
3. Raise user fees to fix our roads permanently and sustainably.
4. Enact policies that ensure our schools deliver better results, our kids get an affordable college education and our workers get the training they need.
5. Commit to a strong and competitive economic development program and build on Michigan’s strengths to spur further growth in our mobility, engineering, travel,
logistics and other critical sectors.

Bridge Magazine put together several pieces summarizing the priorities of key elected officials. There is overlay between the two parties, and commonality with some of BLM’s key priorities as well.

I believe that with consistent vetting of new policy proposals and bipartisan cooperation, 2019 will bring results that continue us on the path of making Michigan a Top Ten





Doug Rothwell,
President & CEO
Business Leaders for Michigan

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