State of the State response from Jeff Donofrio, President & CEO

January 28, 2021
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The Governor’s State of the State address had an overarching theme: to make short- and long-term progress in Michigan, bipartisanship is the way forward. We agree that government works best when our elected leaders spend their time building trust and finding common ground rather than focusing on divisions. That means considering any and all good ideas, whether they come from Democrats or Republicans or from a Governor or Legislative leaders.

We also agree that our most pressing priority is the quick and efficient vaccination of Michiganders. There will continue to be bumps in the road, but the health and wealth of our state depend on all of us putting aside differences to make this effort a success.  As we emerge from COVID-19, it’s vital that we win the recovery and invest in our future by creating new jobs, bridging the skills gap, improving K-12 education, supporting small businesses, and improving our infrastructure.

In each of these areas, policymakers have found bipartisan ways to move Michigan forward. The Good Jobs for Michigan program has helped bring jobs to our state, including at the Pfizer facility producing COVID-19 vaccines.  The Michigan Reconnect program and Going Pro Talent Fund will help tens of thousands of Michiganders earn a post high school credential, increase incomes and supply desperately needed talent to help businesses grow.

The number one objective for economic success is getting the pandemic in the rearview mirror. We have to put this behind us before we can fully recover, sustain growth, and begin moving Michigan towards becoming a Top Ten state.