We need your help to build a New Michigan! Our state has made great strides since the recession. Unemployment is down, Michigan’s finances are more stable and the tax system is fairer. Long-term debt has been reduced and unnecessary regulations have been eliminated. But we can’t afford to become complacent now. In order to compete with the top-performing states, we need to step on the gas and accelerate our efforts to push Michigan’s economy into the Top Ten. That’s why we created the plan, Building a New Michigan – a fact-based, holistic strategy to help Michigan compete, by investing in our talent and infrastructure and growing Michigan’s economy by leveraging our state’s existing assets with the greatest potential to meet global economic needs. Just think, if Michigan were performing like a Top Ten state today, there would be 34,000 more Michiganders working, $9,500 more income per person and $11,700 more GDP per person. Read more about the Plan below. Share it with your friends and colleagues, voice your support and encourage your elected officials to support the initiatives laid out in the Plan, too. Together, we can build a New Michigan!

Read It

Download and read the 2016 Building A New Michigan Plan.

Talk it up

  1. Urge local organizations to post and share the Building A New Michigan Plan and website.
  2. Send a letter to your elected officials. Encourage your state representative and senator to support the initiatives laid out in the Building a New Michigan Plan. Click here to find your local elected officials and view a sample letter.  
  3. Write a short article for a local newsletter. Click here to view a sample article.

Drive it home

Ask your state leaders to support the Building A New Michigan Plan. I’m a leader. What more can I do?

  1. Talk up the plan with my colleagues, constituents, and community members
  2. Take steps to make Michigan more competitive as outlined in the “Compete” section of the Plan
  3. Support increased investments in our state’s infrastructure, pre-school education, college education and worker training as outlined in the “Invest” section of the Plan
  4. Support policies that strengthen economic development and grow the six Michigan assets as outlined in the “Grow” section of the Plan
  5. Use the Building A New Michigan Plan as a blueprint for developing a plan for your own region or community to accelerate growth
  6. Track progress, report results to your community and talk up results