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2014 Michigan CEO Summit

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

8:00am - 3:00pm

Westin Book Cadillac-Detroit

1114 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226

Map Directions

An audience of 400+ business, nonprofit and community leaders, and policymakers gathered today at the Westin Book Cadillac to take stock of Michigan’s economic transformation to date and rally around strategies for moving Michigan forward. Headlined by XPRIZE Chairman and CEO Peter Diamandis and McKinsey & Co. Director Jonathan Woetzel, the event emphasized the need for aggressive action to compete in today’s highly competitive economy.

“The pace of change in business has rapidly increased,” said Jeff Fettig, Chairman and CEO of the Whirlpool Corporation and Chair of Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM), which hosted today’s event. “You have to be first in the market or better than everyone else. Industry leaders must constantly be reinventing themselves if they are to stay ahead of the curve and Michigan must too.”

Michigan CEO Summit 2014 Highlights

Doug Rothwell: Where Does Michigan Rank? 2014 MI CEO Summit - Intro

Doug Rothwell, President & CEO, Business Leaders for Michigan

Getting your Business off the Ground: 2014 MI CEO Summit - Intro

Growing Innovation through Collaboration: 2014 MI CEO Summit - Intro

Do You Know Who Your Competition is? Peter Diamandis (Full Session)

As more of your competition will come from non-traditional channels, your future competition may not be who you think it is.

Global Economic Competition - Jonathan Woetzel, McKinsey Global Institute

Get a clear understanding of global competition and why what’s going on in China and other countries matters to the U.S. and Michigan.
Jonathan Woetzel, Director, McKinsey Global Institute

Highlights: Accelerated Pace of Change in the Marketplace with Jeff Fettig

Jeff Fettig, Chairman & CEO, Whirlpool Corporation

Michigan CEO Summit 2014 Opening Remarks

Doug Rothwell, President & CEO, Business Leaders for Michigan, provided the opening remarks at the 2014 Michigan CEO Summit.
Doug Rothwell, President & CEO, Business Leaders for Michigan

Accelerated Pace of Change in the Marketplace, Surviving & Thriving (Full Session)

There are many ways to move forward but one sure way to fall behind… complacency. An experienced, global CEO shares what businesses can do to outperform their competition in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace.
Jeff Fettig, Chairman & CEO, Whirlpool Corporation

Where does Michigan Rank? A Preview of the 2014 Economic Competitiveness Report

Learn how Michigan stacks up to its competitors. Are we thinking big enough to become a Top Ten state? Are we taking advantage of our greatest strengths?
Doug Rothwell, President & CEO, Business Leaders for Michigan

Growing Collaboration through Innovation (Full Panel)

Growing new products and services happens faster in environments that encourage creative thinkers to collaborate. This panel showcases how collaboration can occur at any level and how to benefit from it.

How Successful Entrepreneurs Maintain Their Edge (Full Panel)

Hear how CEOs and entrepreneurs propel their businesses from startup to profit, from one stage of growth to the next, while navigating the changing demands of their customers.

Getting Your Business Off the Ground (Full Panel)

Get the inside track on how to tackle the challenges of building your company from the ground up.

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