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A New Year with New Opportunities to Grow

A New Year with New Opportunities to Grow
Friday, Jan 12, 2018

As we begin 2018, let’s reflect on the good work that was done last year to move Michigan closer to becoming a “Top Ten” state.

Thanks to leadership in Lansing, and many of you, we are pleased to report that:

  • The Good Jobs for Michigan and MI Thrive legislation was enacted into law, ensuring Michigan has the tools to compete for good paying jobs.
  • We made strides in improving the long-term fiscal stability of the state.
  • The American Center for Mobility opened its doors last month with significant private sector support, further strengthening Michigan’s position in the mobility sector.

These were great successes, but our work is not done. From our latest work in benchmarking Michigan’s progress, we can see that it’s more important than ever to keep the momentum up.

That’s why, in 2018, BLM will be working to codify into law the practices that have been used to strengthen Michigan’s fiscal position. These include requiring fiscal notes on proposed legislation so we know the true cost of the legislation prior to it taking effect and establishing minimum qualifications for local finance officers to help improve the fiscal health of our communities.

We will continue to emphasize the importance of producing the talent we need to create good jobs by improving our K-12 and job training systems, and making college education more affordable. To strengthen the state’s infrastructure, we remain convinced that there is a need for more investment in this valuable asset and that the state would benefit from establishing a public-private council to ensure long-term planning.

We encourage you to join us in support of these data-driven initiatives that will continue Michigan’s comeback – and grow jobs, personal incomes and a strong economy for all Michiganders.

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