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Building a New Michigan

The work of Business Leaders for Michigan is guided by the Building a New Michigan Plana holistic, fact-based strategy developed to make Michigan a “Top Ten” state for jobs, personal income and a healthy economy.  The Plan was first released in 2009 as the Michigan Turnaround Plan and is updated periodically, based on data from benchmarking Michigan’s competitiveness and identifying the state’s strongest economic assets, global best practices and trends.

Each year, BLM develops a work plan outlining the steps we will take to advance the Building a New Michigan Plan and posts updates of our progress.

Since the first Plan was released, many of its recommendations have been implemented.  While Michigan is turning around, there still is much to do to become a Top Ten state for jobs, personal income and a healthy economy.  The 2016 Building a New Michigan Plan reflects what has been accomplished and what is still left to do.

The Plan lays out strategies for Michigan to compete, invest and grow to make our state stronger:

  • Compete: Become more competitive by strengthening the state’s fiscal stability. 
  • Invest: Focus our investments on what will grow our economy – more educated and skilled talent at all levels and a strong infrastructure.
  • Grow: Leverage our assets to outperform our competition.  

As our state’s competitiveness and the overall economy evolve, so will the Plan. When it comes to boosting Michigan’s prosperity, there’s no such thing as too much help. Take part in the process of change, supporting job creation and business investment statewide. Find out how!