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Connected CarAs outlined in our New Michigan Strategy, the state has all of the components necessary to position itself as the Global Center of Mobility. Michigan’s legacy as the world’s automotive capital continues to evolve as the automotive industry transforms into a new mobility industry. It’s essential that Michigan remain at the forefront of this transformation as it makes Michigan’s economy stronger and provides many good paying jobs for our residents.

Work underway that BLM is proud to be a part of:

Planet M is an initiative by the state of Michigan to showcase the state’s expertise in the automobile, technology and mobility sectors. It is supported through the collective efforts of organizations and communities across Michigan at the forefront of research, development and deployment of mobility solutions. For more information, visit the Planet M website: http://www.planetm.com/.

The American Center for Mobility (ACM) is a non-profit testing and product development facility for future mobility, designed to enable safe validation of connected and automated vehicle technology, and accelerate the development of voluntary standards. BLM’s president & CEO, Doug Rothwell, is the chair of the ACM board of directors. Learn more at: http://www.acmwillowrun.org/

Michigan Mobility Initiative

The Michigan Mobility Initiative is a collaboration between Business Leaders for Michigan, the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, MICHauto and the University Research Corridor. It was formed and launched in 2015 to position Michigan as the global center for connected and automated vehicle development.

World Mobility Leadership Forum

The inaugural World Mobility Leadership Forum (WMLF) was held September 28-29, 2016 in Detroit, bringing together hundreds of automotive and mobility leaders from twelve countries for an exclusive, invitation-only discussion on how modern mobility solutions can solve challenges around the globe. BLM partnered with MICHauto and McKinsey & Company to produce the event.

Visit the WMLF website: http://worldmobilityleadershipforum.com/
Video of event highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwJSI-kAOJM
Executive Summary: http://worldmobilityleadershipforum.com/executive-summary/