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At Business Leaders for Michigan, we pride ourselves on developing strategies that are research-driven and fact-based. Our proposals and strategies are grounded in Michigan’s ongoing economic realities and aimed at bringing new vitality and competitiveness to our state. Our featured and most recent studies, reports and benchmarking websites are included below.

Business Leaders for Michigan issue infrastructure call to action at Lansing event, release new report outlining transportation funding solutions

March 4, 2019

Transportation investment urgently needed to keep MI competitive LANSING—Michigan’s aging roads and bridges pose a growing threat to our state’s economic vitality, according to a report issued b...

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BLM 4Q 2018 Economic Forecast: Majority of Business Leaders Predict Stable or Growing Jobs and Investment in MI

December 8, 2018

DETROIT— More than 80 percent of Michigan’s largest companies forecast their employment and investment in Michigan will stay the same or increase in the next 6 to 12 months. Their positive outlook...

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BLM releases 2018 statewide economic benchmarking data

November 12, 2018

DETROIT, Mich.—Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM), the state’s business roundtable, released a major report on the state’s economic performance Monday, highlighting the impact of key policy and...

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BLM 3Q 2018 Economic Forecast: Business leaders signal slower growth

October 16, 2018

DETROIT, Mich. – Michigan’s business leaders predict slower growth during the next six to 18 months, according to the latest quarterly survey of Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM) members. While...

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Business Leaders’ Insights: Worker Training Program Best Practices to Support Business Attraction and Expansion

July 1, 2018

To ensure Michigan’s economic competitiveness and promote the prosperity of Michigan residents and our communities, our workforce must be trained to meet the needs of a global 21st century economy. ...

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2Q 2018 Economic Forecast: Federal Tax Reform Will Continue to Advance U.S. Economy

May 23, 2018

Michigan’s business leaders continue to forecast stronger growth for both the U.S. and state economies specifically citing the continuing effects of federal tax reform, according to the latest quart...

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Business Leaders’ Insights: Leading Practices in K–12 Education That Can Improve Student Outcomes in Michigan

March 20, 2018

BLM issued its review of best practices in K–12 education and a set of principles that can lead to better student performance, with the goal of making Michigan one of the nation’s top 10 states fo...

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2017 Economic Competitiveness Benchmarking Report

November 8, 2017

BLM’s 2017 Economic Competitiveness Benchmarking Report tells the story of a state that is recovering faster than most other states, but has more ground to make up. ...

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MI Voters Think Schools Doing Better Than They Are

September 28, 2017

BLM released findings from a recent survey on K–12 education, which show strong voter interest for greater improvement in Michigan schools. ...

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BLM 3Q 2017 Economic Forecast: MI’s Top Business Leaders Continue to Anticipate Investment, Jobs During Next Six Months

September 26, 2017

The state’s largest businesses forecast stable to increasing economic activity for both Michigan and the U.S. according to the latest quarterly survey of BLM members....

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BLM 2Q 2017 Economic Forecast: Most Business Leaders Expect to Increase Capital Investment, Employment in Michigan During Next Six Months

May 25, 2017

Business leaders are optimistic about their companies’ ability to add new jobs and investment in Michigan, according to the latest quarterly survey of BLM members....

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Business Leaders’ Insights: Ensuring Long-Term Fiscal Stability for Michigan

April 18, 2017

Business leaders looking for places to locate or expand operations often consider the stability of government financial operations as a key factor in their site selection decisions. When current level...

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BLM 1Q 2017 Economic Forecast : Optimism Still High Among Business Leaders About MI & U.S. Economies

March 15, 2017

Michigan business leaders continue to be optimistic about future growth prospects of the state and national economies, according to the latest quarterly survey of BLM members....

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BLM Outlines Roadmap for Jump-Starting MI Infrastructure Improvements

January 12, 2017

Following a yearlong process of independent research by a globally-recognized consulting firm, Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM) today released a study of Michigan’s infrastructure that supports t...

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Investing in Michigan’s Infrastructure: Building for Economic Growth

January 12, 2017

Read BLM’s study on Michigan’s infrastructure that includes an assessment of promising best practices that can be brought to scale to address Michigan’s unique needs. While infrastructure needs ...

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