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It’s Time to Build a New Michigan

We know Michigan is a great state. But in recent years, our economy has gone through some tough times. While we’ve made progress, we’re still a long way from being a “Top Ten” state.

Fortunately, there is a strong plan for getting Michigan back on the right track. A group of business and education leaders has come together to design and implement a plan, Building a New Michigan, which leverages our state’s unique assets and competitive strengths. The Plan is a holistic, fact-based strategy for change that can dramatically increase jobs, personal incomes, and productivity.

The Building a New Michigan plan has been embraced by many leaders all across our state. It outlines strategies based on facts and the benchmarking of other states for helping Michigan compete, invest and grow in today’s economy.

It’s important for everyone who cares about Michigan’s future to read and understand the plan, so we can keep working on it. We can’t afford to let what divides us get in the way of Michigan’s continuing economic growth, and the plan gives us ways to get it done.

Please visit www.businessleadersformichigan.com for more information about what the plan includes and ways you can get involved.