Michigan’s Road to Top Ten

At Business Leaders for Michigan, we are committed to helping accelerate our state’s growth. Michigan’s Road to Top Ten continues the goal of making Michigan a “Top Ten” state for jobs, personal incomes and a healthy economy. It reflects the gains we’ve made as a state, as well as challenges we’ll need to address if we want sustained growth.

Michigan has unlimited potential to grow. And yet we aren’t fully capitalizing on all of our key strengths, such as our higher education system and high-tech manufacturing, as well as tourism and agriculture. We are absolutely capable of leveraging assets so every community in the state has a strong economic base and will advocate for new growth strategies in these and other industries.

For the first time, we are combining key benchmarking data with our new strategic plan for Michigan. You’ll see how we have made huge strides on some indicators, such as reforming unfunded liabilities, our corporate tax index and per capita GDP. However, some of our concerns from previous years remain, namely improving our K-12 educational system for our kids, boosting career and college readiness, and fixing critical infrastructure. Based on the obstacles we overcame in the past, we’re confident we can turn around these measure as well.

View the data, read the plan and get involved. True forward momentum happens only when we all work together.

If Michigan were performing like a “Top Ten” state today, there would be:

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