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What actions can we take to keep accelerating Michigan’s growth?

What actions can we take to keep accelerating Michigan’s growth?
Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019

That’s a wrap for another fantastic CEO Summit. Our event on Nov. 5 was aimed at figuring out what’s headed our way next: a recession? Further economic growth with new hires and business expansions? It’s possible an even more divisive election cycle is in our near future.

As we discussed the possible pitfalls that remain and challenges ahead, one thing was for certain: we control our own outcome. Michigan was once the victim of its own success, but we’ve moved on from that. We’ve diversified our economy and have a robust rainy day fund. We’re on a rock-solid foundation.

Ironically, the things we need to do to plan for both sustained economic success or a possible downturn are the same: we need to invest in skilled trades and talent development. We must fix the roads, because they’re getting worse every day. It’s much easier to make new investments in our future when there is money in the bank. And we need to direct more of the money we spend on education to the kids who need it the most. We can’t continue to have so many graduates unprepared, now that we know there will no longer be good-paying, low-skill jobs.

Michigan’s success doesn’t just happen. We have to take deliberate actions to keep accelerating our growth. Before we are fully into the next election cycle, it’s critical that our elected leadership directs additional funding to roads, further invests in K-12 students and begins to implement the Michigan Reconnect and MI Opportunity programs.

We have the insight into how we sustain our success, so now we need to act on it. At BLM, we have been communicating this to-do list with leaders of both the Governor’s office and the House and Senate.

Will you join us in asking our elected officials to move on these priorities?


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