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What’s next for Michigan?

What’s next for Michigan?
Monday, Feb 13, 2017

Continuous improvement in Michigan's economy

That’s the question that frames everything we do. From our policy and outreach efforts to our research and communications activities, BLM is relentlessly focused on making Michigan a Top Ten state with more jobs, higher personal incomes and a stronger economy.

Now, more than six years into Michigan’s economic recovery, it’s time to start looking ahead. We’ve been growing quickly, but will this growth be enough to sustain us in the event of a future economic downturn? Here at BLM, we think not. That is why we’ve zeroed in on specific areas of effort:

  • Accelerate economic development in Michigan by adopting incentive programs comparable to other states that reward the creation of high-paying jobs and large-scale redevelopment projects.
  • Further strengthen Michigan’s long-term fiscal stability by addressing the state’s unfunded liabilities and building greater structural integrity and transparency to state finances.
  • Further improve Michigan’s infrastructure by implementing smart solutions for managing, funding and overseeing our state assets. Check out our specific recommendations here.
  • Ensure Michigan is the Global Center of Mobility by supporting new policies and investments identified from continuing work in this area.
  • Produce more educated and skilled talent in Michigan by investing in just-in-time training programs that fill good paying jobs, improving college affordability through greater state support for our colleges, universities and students, and improving K­-12 performance.

Please join us in our efforts to build jobs, incomes and productivity by adding your voice to the conversation. It’s going to take all of us working together to become a Top Ten state.

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